Give us a call: GUADALAJARA: (33) 1057.1253 / HERMOSILLO: (662) 285.481
Give us a call: GUADALAJARA: (33) 1057.1253 / HERMOSILLO: (662) 285.481


Our services keep each system in optimal condition and helps to avoid additional costs.

Inproyecta covers your needs

Schedule your service projects and experts will assist you through the whole process. Our team is constantly training and always follow our service values of transparency and professionalism.

Vibration Analysis

Predictive Maintenance is essential to improve efficiency and maintain the reliability of your equipment. Collecting data through the accelerometer, we are able to make a correct interpretation in the spectrum analyzer. We will be able to diagnose your equipment for the most common failures such as imbalance, bearing failures, mechanical looseness, misalignment, and many more.

Automation and Control

Our automated refrigeration system will help you save money and relieve headaches. Control your system with data collection and transmission in an adequate and timely manner. Well-programmed software allows you to supervise and control the operation of your plant, providing you with security and peace of mind.

Training Courses

The training is becoming increasingly demanding in the industry. As a result, our personnel are constantly training to provide safety and efficiency in all of our processes. Our training courses are specially designed for our personnel, in order to operate and maintain our refrigeration systems. We adhere to international norms and the standards of organizations recognized worldwide.

Inspection and Diagnosis

Our technical and engineering staff will help you identify, evaluate, and solve in advance, possible failures of your refrigeration system and equipment. Our team will conduct a very thorough inspection, and will diagnosis the issues to lower the incidence of failures and high maintenance costs. Consult with our Technical Department, we are here to serve you!

Overhaul of Compressors

Extend the life of your Equipment! The Compressor fulfills different critical functions within its refrigeration system, which causes its internal components to suffer wear. Performing an Overhaul in a timely manner and complying with the intervals recommended by the different manufacturers, will help your equipment to operate correctly and in optimal conditions.


Preventive and corrective maintenance, two needs in the plant that are not the same. Developing a good preventive plan (bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) will help reduce unexpected and expensive corrections. Let us help you get started in an active preventive plan to find and correct minor problems before they cause major failures, such as, causing unexpected stoppages, downtime, and large losses in production.

Equipment and Systems Start-up

Carrying out the start-up of an individual piece of equipment or even the commissioning of an entire refrigeration system, according to the specifications and recommendations of the manufacturer and international standards is the key to a reliable, safe, and efficient operation. The results will be evident from the start of the operation and in the future.

Proven experience in compressor services.